It is important for me to be able to be a liaison in helping people discover their true and authentic nature through movement. I am a catalyst to provide experiences for people that allow them to come into the HERE and NOW and to be totally present in this very moment of existence.

                                                                                       MOVEMENT IS LIFE.

Moving, dancing and breathing with awareness and mindfulness is a way to bring people into the divine presence. It is difficult to think of other things when whirling like a dervish or spinning across the floor. One must be attentive to the direction and flow of the motion. I love when this happens in my classes or when working one on one with a client.

I have been leading groups and working with people of all ages in this manner for many years. I am in love with dance. I receive enormous satisfaction when I am able to help empower others to discover their ability to express themselves through dance and movement. I have watched people gain confidence and courage to take risks and go for their heart's desire after getting in touch with the intelligence that is within them that informs them through nonverbal communication.

I love to see people empower themselves through movement. I think of myself as a catalyst that guides and helps people to find their own authentic expression through movement. I provide tools, techniques and inspiration to help people get in touch with their own nature. The art of the dance is the ability to be totally

present. It is a fleeting moment in time. Through modern technology it can be recorded;however, it still remains an art form of the moment.

In our busy lives, filled with the stresses of modern day living, it is a great resource to return to the instrument we use to move, our own precious human body. The more we get in touch with our own breath, with our movement responses, our dynamics, our feelings, our motivation for life, the better we can come to understand that which we can control and that which we cannot. So we begin to understand when to lead and when to follow,when to take and when to give,when we need to initiate action and when we need to surrender to the present. As students discover these principles of give and take, release and recover, to move and to be moved, a new awareness of our power, strength, and vulnerability is explored, physically, mentally and spiritually.It behooves us to explore and become familiar with the instrument in which we manifest our experiences, our bodies. In death there is no movement. The rhythm of life is found in the breath and in the heartbeat.

Becoming conscious of our breath, and following our heart's passion, opens us to the infinite possibilities in our lives.Opening minds and hearts through the joy of movement, consciously connecting the mind with the body is what I have found myself dedicated to explore in this lifetime.

‚Äč     Body Awareness/ Healing Motion.




through movement